Diamond Goes Wicked

发布时间:2019-04-21 13:51

Wicked3D announced Thursday that its stereoscopic technology, used in its own eyeSCREAM 3D eyewear produced in late 1998, will be incorporated into S3's new Diamond Monster Shades 3D glasses.

The Monster Shades 3D glasses will be used in conju最好的传世sfnction with the Diamond Viper II 3D graphics accelerator and Monster Sound MX 400 sound card for an immersive, 3D gameplay experience.

"We are pleased to see

S3 leverage several person years of our technology development," said Manu Mehta,怎么玩传奇世界私服 President and CEO of Metabyte, of which Wicked3D is a division of. "The retail hardware business was exciting. It won us several awards and gamers' hearts. However, our company's strengths lie in technology development."

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