TPA announces their new roster

发布时间:2019-04-24 12:31

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The Taipei Assassins have announced their roster for the 2014 off-season. Wong "Chawy" Xing Lei will officially become the new starting mid laner for TPA while Chen "Morning" Kuan Ting moves to top lane. Additionally, the team has 边态传奇世界私服also picked up former Najin substitute Kim "Guger" Do-yeop as their new ad carry to fill in the position vacated by the retirement of Cheng "bebe" Bo-Wei. Guger has also renamed himself and will now be playing under the name of Lupin.

TPA hsa also promoted Chen "Winds" Peng-Nien as the new captain of the team and have moved Chen "Achie" Chen-Ch 新开传世2.0妖士私服into a substitute position.The Assasins' pick up of Guger marks the first entrance of a Korean player into the squad. The team picked up former Najin e-mfire coach Sim Sung-soo last year.

The new TPA roster is:

Top: Chen "Morning" Kuan TingJungle: Chen "Winds" Peng-Nie (c)Mid: Wong "Chawy" Xing LeiADC: Kim "Lupin" Do-yeopSupport: Li "Jay" Chieh

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